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Democracy in the Czech Republic

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Anyway, trying to explain this to the society is a long-distance run, especially in a moment, when the president of Czech republic is supporting this system and the most read Czech medium (yellow journalism) is running a campaign against inclusion.

I would like to express myself also in the problematic of state and private schools. I think that most of the people condemn the students of private schools. And it does not really matter if they are talking about high school or university. Most of the Czechs think that the private schools are intended for students with rich parents and students, who are not able to pass the exams for state school. These critics are not evaluating the possibility of alternative education or some added value.

In my opinion there is a variety of quality private high schools producing students more competent and capable than most of the state schools. People just do not like to hear the world "private" (remainder of communism?).

On the other hand the significant question arises discussing the universities. There are big differences between them and I do not know many universities from private sector, which I consider to be good.

Anyway I am pretty sure that in private universities a lot depends on the type of student. For example the Metropolitan University in Prague employs the same lectors as Charles University and offers more of the international opportunities for education. As a result the private school can provide the same amount of information and more experience from abroad, BUT the admissions are much easier and the regular exams as well. So these schools are also releasing people who have the same title but they are less qualified, than the students coming from the state school.


In my opinion the health care in Czech Republic is quiet well operated. Although the quality of medical institutions have some issues, in most of the cases you can easily get a needed help and most of the time without any pecuniary loss.

On the other hand, personally I have some bad experiences with health issues, which are more complex and relates with functioning of the whole body. Even though you have your own general practitioner, you are sent to a specialized physician in case of some bigger difficulty and since that you have to go there. That means creating a group of specialized physicians you attend to. However every each of them are then aware only of the issue of the body part in which they are specialized and they don not communicate between themselves.. In the end, the complex problem with whole body is usually found really late.

For that reason I’m personally a big supporter of a central evidence, nevertheless it is incompatible with the opinion of my parents concerning the possibility of invading one’s privacy and misusing the information.

Yet, a real problem of Czech health care is the stringency, particularly the salaries of doctors. That is also the main reason, why they often leave abroad for work. This kind of ‘‘brains low tide“ has a certain effect on the quality of our health care but I think that the consequences in a future will be worse.


Due to the historical roots is Czech society mostly atheistic, despite the fact that in the light of current situation a lot of the people are referring to the Christian values.

Personally I am an atheist as well as my whole family. But I think that Czechs are suffering from the spirituality loss. People are not enough connected a there is nothing showing them the right way. We can always find the significant number of people who need to be led through their lives.

Atheism of Czech republic may cause the mentioned ignorance and mistrust to everything foreign.

In the legislative and political point of view Czech republic protects the religious freedom very well. There will always be problem with the society's psychological- social aspects, that can not be easily changed.


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