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republic of Venezuela

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Republic Of Venezuela

Venezuela is a country with extensive diversity, among them its tourist places and its flora and fauna. Is located to the north of South America, its south limit is very close to the terrestrial equator, therefore it forms part of the intertropical zone

* Limit:

1. North: Caribbean Sea

2. South: Colombia and Brazil

3. East: Guyana

4. West: Colombia

* Geography:

The country comprises many geologically varied regions. To the west extend the Cordillera de los Andes Venezolanos, These extend to the north and are transformed there in the Cordillera de la Costa. To the south of this mountain chain are the Llanos, with great amount of rivers. The Venezuelan Guiana is the largest region of the country and is formed by large and high plateaus that take the name of Tepuyes, given by the Indians who inhabit the Great Savannah.

* Relief

The relief of Venezuela is characterized by its great diversity in flora and fauna, and also in the collection of mineral resources. Among these resources we have:


Natural gas




Gold and Diamonds

* Population:

The Venezuelan population is quite heterogeneous. Most of the inhabitants have mainly European, Native American and African ancestors. Large numbers of immigrants have arrived in Venezuela in the twentieth century

* Coin:

The official currency of Venezuela is Bolivar. The Bolivar over the years has been devalued by the presidency of Venezuela and has created a great inflation

* Gastronomy:

The gastronomy of Venezuela is very diverse. Among some typical dishes we have:

Creole Pavilion.


Arepas Andinas.

The Venezuelan Arepa.

Roasted Black.

The Cachapa.

Black Carata.

Creole Sweets

* Tourist Places:

The most visited places in Venezuela are:

1. Margarita Island

2. Caracas



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