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are very likely to feel guilty that they just gave their baby away to someone else. They know they are giving the child into a better life, but still at the same time they don’t want to lose their little child. That child is their offspring and their chance to carry on their family name. Most of the time they don’t even think about how hard it will be on the child when they grow up. When the birth parents do think about it, it makes it even harder for them to want to give up their child. The birth parents can make life really hard on the adoptive parents.

Foreign adoption is a great form of adoption, I am not saying that either form of adoption is better, I am just saying that foreign adoption is also great. . One of the best things about foreign adoption is that kids in those other countries may not have a chance to know what life in America is like. They can finally get to have the taste of freedom and happiness. Kids in other countries might not even have clean water or good food to eat. A lot of times they don’t even have a house to live in. Foreign adoption can give little kids in other countries to finally get the taste of pure, clean water. Something that you never know about when you want to do foreign adoption is just how badly malnutritioned they really are. There can also be many mental and physical disabilities. One disadvantage about adopting foreignly is that political tensions can cause delays while in the other country, or even just waiting to be able to go to the country to get the child. One great advantage for the child being adopted is the freedoms they will have once they are an American citizen. The children will now finally have the chance to speak freely about what they believe in. They can finally talk about religion and share fun thoughts with their peers.

Adoption can be really hard on the family trying to adopt. They have to go through so many changes and try so many new things. The family can really struggle with the fact that they are trying to raise someone else’s kid. If the family has kids already, the kids have to try and be leaders for the kid that is being adopted. The family has to make extra room and buy extra things just so that kid can have a better life. It is a true struggle, but the family knows that they want to help most of the time. Adoption is a true struggle. Children may be very angry at their parents who waited just a little bit too long to tell them that they were adopted. No matter how much the parents try to explain that they helped the child out, they still are mad. They feel like they weren’t wanted by their birth parents when in reality their birth parents could have been financially unsound. The birth parents could have been trying to give them such a better life. When a family adopts foreignly it puts a lot of stress and struggles upon them. When the parents go to the foreign country they are usually gone for about two to three weeks. When parents are gone for that long, it puts a lot of stress on them just knowing where to go in the country without getting hurt. It is also hard for them to find someone to watch their kids for that long, and it would be really difficult to take them to some of the countries, so they would have to stay home. This is really hard on the kids to not have their parents for that long. Sometimes the entire family has to learn a new language and try to learn some new customs as well. The child from a foreign country a lot of times is angry at the family for taking them away from the only thing that they have ever known. The child also can be mad because they see how great we are living here, but


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