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Hackman (fictional Story)

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For all the love with which I’ve limited you. Forgive me, Mia. I promise you, I would never let our kids do something like this again.” I said, ending my sad speech on a light note.

I was too scared to look at her, waiting for her to pick me up.

The touch soon came with all its warmth, and she hugged me.

While her crimson handbag choked for air between us, I hugged her back as hard as I could. The crying, the hug, the handbag, Hackman Cliff, time, pizza, apples, ceiling, Batman, everything seemed irrelevant. Her presence was all that mattered.

She soon pushed me away with one hand as I still tried to cling to her shoulder. I realised she was hugging me with one hand, the other was in her handbag all the time.

“Sorry, are you?” she asked, the grin never leaving her face. “Why couldn’t you’ve done this sooner?”

“Hahaha You already know I am a bit slow in matters like these” I said, letting out a natural laugh in months and pulling her closer.

She pushed me away, harder.

A single tear tore her left eye and swam down. I was so occupied with my feelings, I didn’t realise there’s a gun in her hand, which has been invisible to me all this time. Gun. Mia. Hackman Cliff. It all started making sense.

“Mia, no.”

“Mia, don’t do this. You don’t want this. I don’t want this. Please give me the gun. We don’t deserve this. We have a future, don’t we?”

The annoying grin finally left her face.

“You bastard.”




I opened my eyes.

Where am I? This boring ceiling? The Batman merchandise? The pizza boxes? Yes, this is my room. This is me. In one piece.

The alarm kept buzzing, and I shut it down, still reeling from the experience.

Was it all a dream?

Time. 6:10AM.

It was a dream. My god.

I started looking for any evidence, when mom knocked the door.

“Mom! Mom!!! Did you wake me up at night?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

That calmed me down a little.

“Did you see dad at midnight?”

She turned serious. Dad always does this to her.

“Nik, I know you haven’t been yourself lately and there’s been a breakup and all that, but never ever do something like this again.”

That was it. Natural. Mom. Nothing weird .

It was just a dream.

I laughed to myself recollecting the heartful Hackman speech and checked my phone.

“Der?” Mia, 1:08AM

“Der?” Mia, 2:35AM

“Der?” Mia, 3:39AM

“Der?” Mia, 4:12AM

“Der?” Mia, 5:52AM


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