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Children Story Intends Children Growing up and Educates

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want to tell adult don’t stop children’s invention. Although Fern spend a lot of time on farm and she look different with other children, Fern likes animal and it is normal for children. It is amazing how children change from year to year. Fern will attract other thing when she is growing up.

The other children’s literature is the Paper Bag Princess. The fairy tale is told about a princess plan to marry with a prince, but one day, a dragon come to princess’s kingdom, and it destroys everything and kidnaps prince. The princess uses her intelligence to win the dragon and see the prince. Although the princess helps the prince, the prince doesn’t like the princes, and she leaves the prince. The princess is better off without the prince and set off into the sunset to live her own life. The paper bag princess has a major theme go through the story which is equality between male and female.

Nowadays, the major concept is prince rescues princess. We have seen a lot of children stories are Grimm’s fairytales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Those stories are about prince save princess, and they are married with a happy ending. The Grimm’s fairy tales give a dream to girls, and it tells girls that they will have their princes come to their life and married with them. Actually, the fact is different with story. Girls can be stronger, and they are as smart as boys. Female can use their intelligence to overcome the difficulties, and it looks like the princess in the paper bag princess. Some males are weakness, and they will look like the princess in the story. Moreover, it establishes a correct concept of marriage for female. At the end of the story, the princess said the prince is a bum, and she didn’t marry with the prince. A good marriage is important for female. Princess doesn’t mean she must marry with prince. When the man is bum, woman needs to make a good decision for their marriage. “Gender equality also known as sex equality of the genders, refers to the refers to view that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender, unless there is a sound biological reason for different treatment (Eichler, Margrit).” There is a law protect the gender equality. “Harassment and sexual harassment within the meaning of this Directive shall be deemed to be discrimination on the grounds of sex and therefore prohibited (Council Directive).

In conclusion, The Paper Bag Princess and Charlotte’s Web are two good children’s literatures. It teaches children how to treat with the world and growing up. They are fairy tales, and it can attract children to read it. Parents can read the children’s stories to their children because it can increase their relation when they are reading. When children can’t understand the meaning of the stories, parents can instruct children about the existing practise and even faults of our society.

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