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Happy Children Enterprise Marketing Strategies

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Next intermediaries which is agent. Agent also play an important role as the intermediaries because they can delegate our product by hand and customer do not have to go to our shop or kiosk at Seri Iskandar to get the product. As our agent deliver our product, customer feel more comfortable to buy and this basically for high class people. In addition, it may led to customer satisfaction.

Sometimes, people love to deal with company that easy to communicate. Internet is another way to communicate to the customer, our company prepared an online website which work for 24-hour for a customer that love to buy through online. The customer can also order from the internet such as how many the order and so on. In addition, this could be our customer database to communicate with them as well. Sometimes, people love to deal with company that easy to communicate.


Promotion Strategy

In this promotion elements also the important thing in the 4’ps elements. This promotion elements is a way of a company to increase their sales in order to generate the income itself. As our company produce an educational product, our company promote our product to the customer with organizing an event. For an example,” jom heboh” event. Our company use this event as a benchmark to expand our business and with this way it is easy to make people know about our product when our product is promote at certain event.

Besides that, in term of publicity, our company take Puteri Balqish as an endorsement for our company. As Puteri Balqish is one of the top children artist, public will think that our product is better than others in order to attract the customer. In addition, it can create a trust among the children.

Next, our customer use the testimony in order to test our product whether our company fulfill the customer satisfaction or not. Testimony also can give the impact for our company either good or bad impact. For an example, if the customer buy the product, they could give a feedback or a comment about the product. Feedback will look through at customer children whether the children can learn from our product or not. To be clearly defined, are our product help their children in learning process or not.

Media also play an important role in term of promotion. As our company do a joint venture with Nickelodeon, our company using their channel for product placement because the children love to watch television and this could attract the children to buy our product. Indirectly, people will know that our company is producing an educational product.


Process Strategy

Process strategy is on how the customer want to buy our product or how the customer want to contact our company. Therefore, our company provide them with our website and contact number.

As our company is applied an online buying which is with our website, customer could order from the form that we provided in the website. In addition, it is easy for the customer to buy our product and do not need to go to our kiosk or shop to get the product. In addition, if the customer have a problem with our product they can e-mail us and this especially for the customer that busy with their daily life.

Our company also have the contact number so it is easy for the customer to call or report a problem or ask the information about the product. This usually for a customer want to know detail about the problem. For an example, when they have an urgent or emergency problem they can straight forward call the number to contact us.

Besides, for the people that live in Seri Iskandar, they can straight forward go to our kiosk in Billion or Tesco to avoid from having a problem with our product. This could make the customer feel our company have a sense of human relation in doing the businesses. IN addition, our company also can fulfill customer satisfaction.


Physical Evidence Strategy

Physical Evidence is one of the way our company want to attract the customer which means public see the advantage of our product through the picture, advertisement on newspaper, company logo and attire-uniform and pin itself.

Based on the picture itself, our product put the labelling, branding to inform the public that our product is better than others product and indirectly the packaging of our product is attract a children that drive their parents to buy our product,

Advertisement on newspaper is one of the way our company want to gain the customer. Our company put the advertisement on the newspaper so that public can know the benefit of our product when they purchase it. Sometimes public more prefer reading the newspaper rather than watch the advertisement in media such as television.

Besides, company logo also play an important role in physical evidence because from the logo itself, it may attract the children that drive their parents to purchase it. In addition, our company logo is interesting thus it attract the children to get our product.

Lastly, the attire-uniform and pin as a physical evidence of our company. Our company also provide an attire-uniform to our employee so that our employee have a good looking view of customer when they enter our shop. Sometimes, people will look through the attire of the employee in the company because they might think that with the attire uniform, they will get a better service and indirectly people assume that our product is high quality product.


People Strategy

For the people that involve in our company, we use the customer service, employee, endorsement and also collaboration with other company.

First of all, collaboration with other company is quite important in some way nowadays. Many others have made a collaboration to ensure a good development of business and to stabilize their financial company itself. As for our company, we had make a collaboration between Nickelodeon and also Samsung. We give discount for these items if they buy our product thus for sure it attract the customers to purchase it.

Next, we also use our employee at Tesco, Billion and also Mydin to attract the customers. We use them as to explain to public


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