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The Different Types of Marketing Strategies in Advertising

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Before there was online advertising, television, and billboard, there were newspapers and still till this day is a very effective way to draw in the consumer’s attention. Reading a newspaper is not only cheap, because it’s fifty cents a paper, like most New Yorkers, I enjoy reading a nice newspaper while on my way to work. It is informative and the time passes while on my forty- five-minute train ride to work, “Newspapers are one of the oldest mass media. Newspaper circulation has kept pace with the increasing population and literacy level. Even today, local and national advertisers won’t mind spending more money in this medium, as it carries the advertising message to a large audience” (Lohith 63). Newspapers have an advantage in advertising in both local and national advertisers, because it gets into the hands of most readers in the early morning when they have a clear mind and are most receptive. Also, newspapers have more credibility in their stories that are written and can always be a go to source to collect data on research based topics, such as the paper I am writing at this very moment.

In Conclusion, an advertisement is meant to promote the brand to consumers who will be swayed into purchasing the merchandise. However, there are many approaches of advertising and the marketer must decide on the most profitable technique for his/her merchandise or service. Advertising is essential in marketing a product or service whether it’s online, television, billboard, and newspaper advertising. We must choose what we like as consumers based on the marketer’s delivery. By targeting every advertising method the message with reach the audience and will be relayed back to the marketers, so marketers may continue to promote advertising different methods for continued business revenue strategies in order to keep growing.

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