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A Study of Next’s Marketing Strategy in Hong Kong

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that we can find out in monthly sales reports.

5(ii).Primary information

For the primary information, there are three ways to obtain data. We will invite an interview with the manager of Next and will do an interview in November in order to get more detail information about the company the qualitative questions such as interview will asked for employees. Also, we will set up some questionnaires in December, 2013 and a customer survey will be conducted in January 2013 to obtain further information. The quantitative questions such as survey will asked for customers

Advantages of Primary research

We can obtain many types of information from different interviewees or respondents. It is coding enables multiple comparisons among variables. The obtained information will be verifiable by replication and re-questioning of interviewees or respondents. (

6. Qualitative Questions

1. Has any promotion in different seasons?

2. Which promotion strategy do “Next” always use

3. Will “Next” expand the product line categories is the near future

4. Will “Next” don’t’ open more branches in Hong Kong?

5. What types of items are to most to in high sales volume?

6. How the company to set the item’s price?

7. Do you think the product’s price is suitable for customers while compared with other competitors?

8. How the company set each item’s selling price?

9. What is/are your target market?

10. What are the success factors of the company?

11. What are the weaknesses of the company?

12. What are the company’s competitive advantages?

13. Is there any new business development plan of the company?

14. What corporate images does your company want to build?

15. What is your future development within 5 years?

6(i).Quantitative Questions

1. Do you ever shop at Next?

(If yes: {answer 3-15}, no: {answer 2})

• Yes

• No

2. Why do you not shop at Next?

• Product’s style

• Price is high

• Location is not convenient

• Lack of promotion

• Others:

3. Which Next do you most to go?

• Windsor House

• Plaza Hollywood

4. How often do you go shopping for clothing in Next per month?

• 1times

• 2-3times

• 4-5times

• more than 5 times

5. How much do you spend for each clothes shopping?

• Less than $200

• $200-$500

• $501-$1000

• More than $1000

6. What types of item do you like to purchase?

• Shirts

• Trousers

• Dress

• Accessories

• Others:________

7. How do you get the information about Next?

• Internet

• Newspaper

• Magazine

• Friends

• Others:________

8. Which one does you like the most in Next?

• Reasonable price

• Fashionable style

• High quality

• After sales service

• Shop environment

• Others: _______

9. Do you ever shopping at other similar shop?

(If Yes: answer 10, 11)

• Yes

• No

10. Which one does you ever shopping?

• Gap

• H&M

• M&S

• Uniqlo

• Others:_____

11. Why do you like to go other similar shop?

• Price

• Style

• Quality

• Service

• Environment

• Others:__________

12. What do you expected form “Next”‘s customer service?

• Launch more promotional discount

• Provide more sales channels (i.e. online shopping )

• Launch a new product line for men

• Open more branches

• Others:__________

13. What is your gender?

• Male

• Female

14. What is your age?

• Under 18

• 19-25

• 26-30


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