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My Family Story and I

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Meanwhile, I was the one counted money and change money, I could not believed that I had an ability to manage money and gave change correctly because I had never learn math before, all these things I learned it was from my grandparents. After we sold over, my grandma would give me an ice cream for an award. That was the most happiness time in a whole day. But now, I am a little bit regret as I did not take two at then. Happy time always goes fast because I should go for school to study and my parents began to take care of me and live with me. I could not keep company with my grandma to go to the early market. But every week she would gave me 100 yuan to buy the snacks, cookies, or toys. I can stick “no sorrow and anxiety” in my childhood because 100 yuan could buy 2000 ice creams if I wanted. I was richest girl in my class. Most of my classmates were envious of me. Every weekends, my parents would take me to my grandparents’ home to play with them. My grandpa would coach me to do my homework, and my grandma would buy lots of snacks for me, especially my grandpa, he would prepare various of dishes for me, he can cook everything that I wanted or just based on my suggestions, even this is unusual in Chinese style of cooking. I was try to find whether there was a magic wand in his hand, or there was a fairy helping him. but after I finished eating, I always forgot this important thing. Under the feeding from my grandparents, I grew up healthier and fatter than others until now. I blamed it to their fault, why they made such delicious food for me! I still remember the first dream for me was to be a super model. Now, when I looked into the mirror, I just want to say that was a joke.

However, good times did not last long, my parents divorced when I was in grade two. And I chose to live with my mother, I had no chance to see my grandparents every weekend because I could not leave my mother alone in the house, but it did not mean that I never went to see them, I could have alone in the house, but it did not mean that I never went to see them, I could still have dinner with them, and stay with them but with a sorrow mind. Most of time, my mum would take me to go shopping, she used to be a professional model, and she would like to see dressed like a fashion girl. thus, I had so many wardrobes, and that was also not enough to stow our clothes. I do not mind if you call us shopaholics, because we really are.

After graduated from the primary school. I passed into a key middle school, and all of my family members came to the best restaurant in my city to celebrate, my grandma even customized a streamer on the restaurant, and that day was the first day for me to witness how enormous my family was. All seats were occupied. It should have 300 hundred of people in the lobby. No one could imagine how difficult for me to remember their applications and names, but my grandma can remember them all. That is a tremendous project. Do not ask me if I can recognize them now, I know this is impolite to my relatives, but I had tried my best in the past years, and it did not work yet.

Lives because peace little by little, except the senior high school entrance examination. I remembered I had lost some weight during that period, which made me feel happy for a quite long time. But after the exam ended, I went back to fat, and it all contributed to my dear grandparents.

Before I became a high school student, the only aim for me was to loss my weight, and I tried different kinds of methods, every time I made some achievements, my grandparents would be painful and distressed, and they would take many delicious foods to my gym. Not every story has a happy ending; for me, fat always defeated me. Gradually, I did not mind it too much. Just like they say “if you did not eat, where is the power to loss weight?” I believe this is a truth.

When I was 16 years old, I was study aboard. The first station was in Singapore. This was the first time to depart from my family, I felt a little bit sadness but the more was exciting. I held a lofty aspiration to learn English well in Singapore, but things went contrary to my wishes since most people in Singapore are Chinese. Therefore, I could communicate well with them use my fluent Chinese. It provides a convenience for me when I was ordering in restaurants, or shopping. But on the other hand, I felt shamed to my parents because I knew this was a kind of behavior to waste their money and my time. At the end, I told my father that I could not learn well in Singapore and I wanted to go to other country to study. My father agreed with my unreasonable request and told me the most important thing that he wanted me to know is how to be a man, a real man. He believed he was a failure, he could not handle the balance between family and working well. In my parents’ mind, they fell sorry for me, and they are willing to pay everything they own to rise me up with healthy and happy.

Just like that, I went to Sydney, the University of New South Wales. One of the most famous universities in the world. I spent 4 years in Australia to learn business. That was my most hard-working time since I grew up. But fortunately, I learnt a lot. During those four years, I travelled the whole Australia. I took a course named “field survival training”, and went to the desert with my team members on holidays. This was a great challenge for me because I could not even go to Xizang in China. I did not know whether I could insist or not. But the main point is participation and enjoy the process when you challenge yourself. Every holiday, I would spend a few days to travel in Australia, sometimes I was alone, sometimes with my friends. Sometimes I went to a place for several times, but every time I went there, I could find some new interest points. I dislike take pictures for those niceness. As in my mind, the pictures would restrict your expectation to the objects, and camera cannot catch up the spirituality. Or you can call me rookie in photography. Every person had their own understanding towards to the nature, the humanity, I did not want pictures to limit my exploration. So, even for those place I went for several time, it seems to be a new one for me.

These four years changed me a lot, I became more calm and rational than before. I used to believe that I would spent my rest of time in Australia. But once my father asked me whether I wanted to temper myself, I agreed. and this was the original intention to be here, Toronto, Canada. And living with my father.

I took health studies in York University because I think this major would teach me how to take care of my family. My grandparents get old; my parents are no longer young any more. I have learnt the skill to support myself, and now I need knowledge to look after them. Life in


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