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English Distinctive Voices Essay

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physically and emotionally on all parties involved in war. This can be predominantly conveyed through Paul Keating’s speech, Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier, as Keating explicitly enforces his subjective opinion on war onto the minds of the Australian citizens that, although it is quite a detrimental time, it is also a time of inspiring moments and true mateship and bravery, in which gets demonstrated by the soldiers of war. As Keating begins his speech, he states through the paradox that, “He is all of them and he is one of us,” which attempts to allow us to respect the unknown soldier through empowering Australians to perceive that although war is a brutal and conflicting time, it particularly shows us that the unknown soldier was part of the Australian whole, as it empowers the Australian image demonstrated by the Australian soldiers.

However, as he delivers his message, Keating furthers it by stating emotively, “bonds of mateship and the demands of necessity”, as it reveals how Australians demonstrate mateship amongst one another, in contrast to serving the demands of their country. Significantly, Keating concludes by stating, “It was a lesson about ordinary people…” which juxtaposes that alongside experiencing brutal times in war, it provides the soldiers with an opportunity to expose pure bravery and heroism, which ultimately allows them to not be ordinary. This ultimately represents that Keating persisted to attempt to offer his audience a new way to perceive the world, in a way that allowed them to revaluate their perception of way, which was ultimately achieved through his distinctive voice to allow the audience to perceive the world in a diverse perspective. Through this, Keating achieves on delivering his message by expressing his perspective on war and his emotions evoked within in through his distinctive voice, and thus allows the audience to feel his emotion through the message he brings upon Australians. Hence through the certain representations and perspectives exposed, authors are able to deliver powerful messages through their texts. As such, distinctive voices and their interpretation shed light upon the significant events which occur within humanity and ultimately bring to life the experiences of people as a whole. As explored through Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s speech, Address to the Plenary Session, Earth Summit, she ultimately blamed the older generation for being the reason to any conflicts within the world thus evoking her message through her significant distinctive voice. Similarly, Peter Goldsworthy’s novel Maestro explores the revelation of his relationship with his piano teacher, and how he offers the readers of Maestro an opportunity to perceive the world in a different perspective, with his overall message of appreciation and his increase of knowledge. He significantly allows this to occur by exploring the novel as a recount of his life, which allows us to gain insight on the significant aspects of life and view it from a new and improved perspective, thus through his distinctive voice. In addition, Paul Keating’s speech, Funeral Service of the Unknown Solder highly conveyed how distinctive voices offer individuals a variety of perspectives on the world through Keating’s revelation of although war is generally a significantly horrific and brutal time, it is also a time where Australians demonstrate solid mateship and bravery through the times of need, thus reinforcing the renewed perspectives in which the audience should perceive the world.


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