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Eng 106 - Divorce - Tearing Love Apart

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The effects of divorce are detrimental for not only the ex-partners but for their children as well sometimes being worse than others. When the direct causes of divorce become too obvious, the problems are usually too serious to surpass and the couple cannot stay harmonious for a longer period of time. However, if the partners become aware of the situations that make them distant early enough, they will be able to work on the problems before they lead them to the final stages of the marriage. If the couple makes all efforts to preserve the sense of connection, the shock of the separation will be absorbed by the realization that this new stage in their lives is necessary and they need to move on with their lives in different directions. This is not always a bad thing. In some cases of divorced relationships, the ex-partners will continue to be civil with each other and especially if they have a child. Boring once mentioned that “getting a divorce is better than staying in a bad marriage because these are formative years for young children” (Boring. 2015) These children grow up seeing their parents in an unhealthy relationship and will likely seek out and emulate the types of relationships they see modeled. Another reason being that in some instances, one partner can be violent with the other, and it is best for the other partner’s health to leave the relationship.

When divorce is chosen as the solution to all these problems, the couple, their children, and their families are emotionally affected by it. When the most common causes of divorce are being targeted throughout the marriage, people learn to listen and appreciate each other’s opinions. They work on their intimacy and they preserve the feeling of connection for a much longer period of time. Late actor Robin Williams once found the precise words to describe divorce from a man’s point of view: “Divorce is like ripping a man’s genitals out through his wallet” (Williams, 2011). With this being said, marriage is fragile as love is easy to be broken but almost impossible to brought back thus it must be preserved at all cost.


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