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A Doll’s House Research Project

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driven towards their own wants and needs. Nora really wants to prove herself in her own mind, and wants to find her own worth and entirely leaves her husband and children to soul search and find herself. The play introduces Christine as this single mother who is separated from her children and comes into the scene looking for a place of work. And ask Nora if she can put in a good word with her husband to help her chances of getting hired. Nora tells her husband about Christine’s request and agrees he would find her a place. And stays true to his word and gets Christine the job.

Comparing A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen to Trifles by Susan Glaspell. Both of the plays are based on the morals of a woman. How a woman should act and what a woman should and shouldn’t do. In both dramas the authors construct that the man should hold power over the woman. Much like how Torvald always puts down his wife and demands that he does everything and that him and only him can support the family. You can see this in Trifles when George Henderson and Mr. Hale are just as nearsighted as Torvald. Nora is in the same predicament, her husband Torvald refuses to acknowledge that is she is capable of complex thoughts and should be seen as an equal. His controlling behavior and the rules he has removes her dignity in her self and diminishes her self worth. The men in Trifles just like Torvald are similar in the way they think and their position of power and the refuse to acknowledge the voice of the women in both plays.

While both friends lived completely different lives they both have many different similarities. Nora was trying to prove her own self worth and ended up leaving everything to find herself. Christine is trying to pick all her pieces up so she can get her past life back. The men in Trifles and Torvald in A Doll’s House they both have striking similarities. Their beliefs on how a woman’s opinion and voice doesn’t matter. These two drama have many similarities in their ways that shows the develop ment of the men and women in both plays.

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