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A Few Thoughts on Ibsen’s a Doll’s House

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2.3 The Influences of Sex Disease on the Society

In the drama, there was doctor Ranc who come to the family everyday, it seemed that both Helmer and Lala cannot leave him. However, in the drama, Ibsen did not tell readers why doctor Ranc come to this family. However, obviously, doctor Ranc loved Lala, and he expressed his ideology to Lala at a time, but Lala, who loved Helmer deeply, refused Ranc directly. Lala’s refusal can be understood, she had her beloved husband(at least she loved him so much before the case reveal) and lovely kids, at the same time, her refusal can introduce to another side, that was, Ranc inherited his father’s sex disease, and he will die soon. The death caused by excessive sex gave people hidden clue: people cannot break away from depression caused by mankind intuitive sex desire. Doctor Rank walked to the death groove alone, which gave people silent but shocking eruption and shoot this depressed world, it tried to awaken people, but people seemed unable to comprehend. (王子静, 1997:69)

3. Conclusion

A Doll’s House uses drama and performance art manifestation forms to transfer its influences to places far away from its birth place, and transfer its unique ideologies to more people. It tells women that they are not “dolls” but independent people. While the society lacked of certain necessary spirit, it used character dialogue to sue and condemn, and this is the unique charm lies in A Doll’s House and a good method for social problem.


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