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A Doll House Written by Henrik Ibsen

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duty and role and men.

Furthermore, women were looked at to have no sense of idea or mind of their own. What a husband or father says is the golden rule and was not allowed to be questioned. "Their nature was to reproduce and give birth to children, not to think abstract thoughts, which is why they had no natural inclination to develop into free individuals with rights of their own" (Ørjasæter, p.23). Nora was never given her own identity, she never had the chance to state grow and find herself because she was always a shadow in the hands of her father and husband. In today’s generation, women would take on more responsibilities and make major decisions for their family, and it’s acceptable to give the women the upper hand to make the rules and have changes.

Because Torvald was the man of the house, he also control the money and how much Nora would be allowed to receive and spend because she loved spending money and shopping. "This point is brought out in the play by Nora’s wish for money for Christmas (money represents freedom, because it can be spent on goods or pleasures, or saved, or used to free oneself from financial worry) and Torvald’s denying her this independence choice, by Nora’s enjoyment of the copying work she did at night, despite her fatigue and the necessity of keeping it a secret from Torvald" (Rogers p. 91). Women of the 19th century were not allowed to apply for a loan or borrow money unless given written consent and signed off by the father or husband. "A wife can’t borrow without her husband’s consent" (Ibsen p. 821). Nora went against the odds, forged the signature under her father’s name and this actions would have lead to major consequences and humiliation for Nora and her husband. 

By finally coming to the realization that her marriage and her life has been control and manipulated by Torvald and her father, Nora gets the courage to leave. Although history says that women are bounded to stay home and cater to their family, it’s during today’s generation that society does not view women in this manner. Women was strong, independent and courageous in every aspect of their life and personality. Everyone is born differently and unique, with all different traits and personality, it just takes oneself to find who they truly are by living life in their own way and not by anyone else’s rule or approval. We should acknowledge that everyone does have the capability to learn and grow individually and to not show arrogance or be hateful towards others.


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