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The Art of Philosophy

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        It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of uncertainty. It was the day of history, it was the day philosophy was born. Philosophy is a mind-boggling subject that helps the humans to know the origin of things in the light of human reasoning alone. This is how we express our own thoughts, principles, and perspectives about the things around us. Philosophy trains our minds to never fall victim to limiting our minds in this reality.

        As philosophy arises from this world, it has been widely used to a lot of people in pursuit of finding the answers to their never-ending questions. The very essence of philosophy is for; First, philosophy is for us to submit all aspects of common sense to reason. It wants us to think for ourselves. Second, Philosophy is for us to tell things whether an idea is logical or not – rather than simply assuming it must be right because it is popular and long-established. It wants us to think critically and logically. Third, philosophy is for us to be wise by getting more precise about the activities and attitudes that really help our lives go better. Lastly, philosophy is for us to keep a sense of what really matters and what doesn’t. It wants us to weigh the significance and usefulness of things or ideas. The advantages and benefits that philosophy can offer is for the people to develop and improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills. Philosophy offers a vast, variety of wisdom that gives us the freedom to think and question all we want. It also deliberately teaches us on how to deal with situational problems, justify or win a debate over different arguments and approach “big questions” that we have regarding the world’s scheme of things and our place within it.

        At the heart of a human cognition lies the human curiosity itself, rooted in the need-to-know or the desire to know things. These are placed in a difficult situation which must make its evolutionary way by its own wits. There is also a good reason why we humans pursue knowledge because - it’s our destiny. We, humans have evolved within the nature to fill the demands and needs of an intelligent being. We are constrained to make our way in the world through the use of brainpower. This is why Philosophy is so important, without philosophy we can’t understand nor distinguish the beauty of wisdom and everything. One should live a life with Philosophy for it opens a realm of questions seeking for the truth. Philosophy is indeed an intriguing mystery to humans just like how an art delivers a deep message behind its façade.



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