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Super Market Scene in Iga

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starts to become frustrated with anger fuelling within him. At this moment he looks heartbroken. Simon tries to comfort Charlie by talking to him, this clearly does not work. Charlie starts to put items back into the bag making his stand. At this moment Thomas is still reading the magazine giving little or no notice to Charlie. As Charlie starts to make sad groaning noises, shoppers around the counter start to notice Charlie and his action. He is starting to become the centre of attention in the store. Charlie normally wants to gain the centre of attention everywhere as he seems to enjoy it. He is unfortunately unable to control his emotions and falls straight down to the ground signing words with his hands. Charlie rocks forwards and backwards on the ground pointing at the items on the conveyor belt. Simon is now under pressure with nearly everyone in the stores looking at him. As Simon tries to grab Charlie, though Charlie dodges and lies on the ground. He smashes his head into a trolley that is nearby showing his displeasure. At this point you can also see that eftpos is accepted. You can also spot many Australian brand foods on the shelves such as Rice Bubbles, Nutrigrain, Cornflakes, Cocopops and Extra chewing gum. The camera then focuses on Thomas who is now looking sad and embarrassed standing at the counter whilst Simon tries to pull Charlie away. The Camera focuses on other shoppers who look to be in distress as they watch Charlies tantrum on the ground.


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