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Marketing Et Marketing Etc

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Marketing et marketing etc


(3) Buyer Behaviors

Consumer Purchasing Process

Problem Recognition: Advertising can easily trigger the Consumers Physical, Social or Psychological needs.

Information Search

-Internal research: choice based on past experience.

-external search online reviews, friend and family previous experience in order to get the right information about specific product or brand.

Evaluating alternatives:

-The Evoked Set: come up with a list of brands that provides the needed criteria. Ex: if you are planning to buy a computer you might consider an evoked set containing “Apple, Sony and Dell “

-The inept set: “useless brands” brands excluded from the list.

-The inert set: “Good Brand but it does not offer any competitive advantages”. Indifferent consumer.

Purchase decision:

The Multi-attribute Approach

-Brand’s performance for each attribute

-Importance of each attribute

Positive attitudes toward brands help with brand extensions

Ex: adidas deodorant

Affect Referral Approach: consumer selects the product that provokes the most positive feelings. Ex: coca/ Elvis- Marilyn.

Consumer Attitude

- Cognitive component: what you know or think about an object. This can be formed through direct experience or what you learn from others. The knowledge you form becomes a belief. Ex: aid

-Affective Component: represent the good or bad feelings and emotions individuals have towards a brand. Ex: orange/ mentos

-Conative component “Your intention to buy a certain product or brand.”

Role of Marketing Messages

-strengthen current linkage

-modify current linkage

-create new linkage

Ex: kitkat

B-to-B Buying Process

Identify needs/ objectives/vendors

Vendor evaluation/selection

Post-purchase evaluation



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