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Coca Cola and the New Horizons of Marketing

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New marketing horizons


Lina Muñoz


Nowadays coca-cola manages its marketing with new and disruptive ways in March, Sebastián Sánchez y Daniel Pizza -marketing managers of coca-cola Colombia- went to the University EAN and gave a lecture about disruptive marketing.

Marketing currently does not follow any rules, follows creativity; big creatives all over the world

are the ones that have made history with their ideas, examples like Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol and Nicholas Kurti show us that innovative people do not follow any rules when it comes to innovate.

Creativity comes from proactivity, even though many people believe that we need the perfect situation for our creativity to flow, we need to not be disrupted or distracted or faced with problems for our best work to flow with muse, this is not true because creativity often comes when we focus on solving issues like challenges, disruptions and roadblocks , if we dedicate enough time, in a proactive way we can not only solve those, specific, problems but we can also unlock new (and much needed) layers of creativity.

The lecturers talked us about frustration and why we have to learn to love it, because feeling frustrated is an essential part of the creative process, before we can find the answer — before we can even know the question — we must be disappointed, and convinced that the solution is beyond our reach. Finding the solution can lead to other ideas, bigger ideas.

Usually in the marketing sector, publicists and creators in general face the challenge of respect their work and at the same time their ideas in ethical ways, just because business practice is legal doesn’t mean it’s ethical, and what coca cola’s publicists and content creators try to do is not only solve problems and increase incomes but also create new tools or point of views that can actually change people’s lives.

Inspiring other people through advertising has become essential in today’s day by day, we only spend 27% of the time watching tv and the rests on our ipads, phones and other electronic devices, so instead of just selling an specific product what other things can the publicity do for our lives?

The coca- cola speakers left us with several things to think about, but furthermore the most important was to believe in our ideas, respect our creativity, do not overestimate frustration and think about what other things aside consumerism can we motivate in people through advertisement; Daniel, marketing chief director created an NGO about collecting spinal cord and helping other


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