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Coca-Cola in the Usa

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The Coca-Cola Company is also a victim of employee issues. This grievance is well identified in the USA. For instance in 2003, the protestors during the Coke’s annual meeting demonstrated claiming the underrepresentation of the black race in the Company. There was also alarm about the small paying of blacks as compared to their White partners. Claims also indicated that black employees were often fired from the Coca-Cola firm. As a result, the Company took an initiative of management practices that put the Company in track till today.

However, with the above threats concerning the firm, there is much that should be done. About the mentioned threats, for instance, solutions should be realized to the meet the critics’ claims. To begin, the issue of water shortage should be curbed by Coke establishing its source of water. It is evident for instance that the consumption of Coke as a company needs large masses of water bodies. It is then recommended for the firm to produce reliable sources that cannot interfere with the residence water.

For the ethic of pesticides, it is recommended that the Company should look for better ingredients that contain low levels of pesticides. The content stuff that makes Coke soft drinks must be well purified also to limit the levels of caffeine in the content of its beverages. These efforts will subsequently reduce the Company critics and thus better its performance.


From the above illustration, it is right to suggest that Coke as an organization in the USA is vital to its consumers. By producing most of the world’s most valued refreshments, it offers the loveliest moments (Taylor, 2000). However, with the ethical perspectives, if results to, there is need to take action on them. Any positive recommendations just like the proposed will make a good move.



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