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Eng 475 - Banning Guns

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The second amendment is outdated because militias no longer exist therefore why should civilians still have the right to own a firearm. Although, there was a time where people needed to defend themselves from others who also owned a firearm we do not live in an area where we need to use firearms for that case. In addition, we have so much going on like school shootings or just shootings out in public places and people need to be able to defend themselves. For example, if someone enters someone else’s home with a firearm and the person who lives at the house does not have a firearm, how are they allowed to defend themselves when they aren’t allowed to bear arms.

People who are citizens in Canada are not allowed to own firearms nor their police officers. Its pretty impressive that a whole country can go without firearms but in the United States we swear that firearms are much needed. Citizens of the United States don’t really hear about shootings in schools or public places in Canada and that might have to do with the fact that they are not allowed to own firearms. This does not mean that their is no violence in Canada but the United States can decrease our violent rates for the people.

We can limit the amount of tragedies and gun violence if we did more thrill background checks and put a waiting period on guns. However, doing this would not only decrease the amount of violence but also make it where citizens can keep their second amendment rights. It’s no question that gun violence and recent events are reasons why citizens want strict gun control laws. Firearms are and always will be dangerous despite of what the reasoning was for the use of it. So many horrible things come out of a firearm, because no stable person walks around thinking or planning to shoot someone. There has been cases where innocent people get killed because of firearms such as the San bernardino shooting.

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