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Comparative Analysis Paper

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story is mostly in text form while Jon’s version is very illustrated and graphic. I think this plays a big role with the timings the books were published; back in the late 1800’s, the major key to reading a story or being told a story was because of its purpose, which would have been learning something from the story or learning to read. Nowadays, with all our recent technology and advances, kids are more easily distracted with shorter attention spans and a book with no graphic or much illustration would kind of be a bore and keep the kids off track from reading.

I also realized how the characters were so differently portrayed in both stories. In Joseph’s version, the big bad wolf is portrayed to be very evil and very greedy and almost inhumane for a talking animal, whilst the pigs seem very naïve and innocent except for the last surviving pig. In Jon’s version, the big bad wolf seems much more innocent and relatable – you don’t feel the aggressiveness and evil that is portrayed in Joseph’s version. Whereas the pigs in Jon’s version seem much more smarter, less naïve and more aware of their environment. For example when the wolf would sneeze their houses down, the pigs knew to at least partially hide from the wolf and the first pig also did not answer the door when the wolf was asking for sugar.

In conclusion, I think both stories were really good and informative in a sense where the message did come across clearly. I can’t really compare and judge the stories on which is better because they both shed lights on different circumstances and the different perspectives of the antagonist and protagonist; Joseph’s story focuses on the pig’s side of the story and Jon’s story is narrated and told by the wolf. I do think that Jon’s story is more appealing to children living today because of the illustrations and how much more graphic it is. You can tell a lot about the emotions of the characters by looking at the pictures, even though Joseph’s story is written very much more passionately. You can also tell major time lapse of when the stories were written, not only through the illustration but also from how it was written. Joseph’s version is much more passionate and very graphic in a sense of how gruesome it was in the end of the story; how the wolf ends up falling through the chimney into the pot and the pig ends up cooking and eating the wolf for dinner. Whereas, in Jon’s version, the wolf goes to jail for even mistakenly eating the pigs. It just shows how time really does make a whirlwind of change with how sensitive society and in this case, exposing information to children has become.


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