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Julius Caesar Funeral Speeches

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question is a question that you ask to get your audience to take a moment to think about the answer. Both Brutus and Antony ask strong rhetorical questions during their speeches. During Brutus’s speech, he asked the plebeians a rhetorical question that couldn’t be answered. Such as, “Who is here so rude, that would not be a Roman?” (3.2.30). This shows that Brutus was trying to have the plebeians pause to question their patriotism towards Rome. As well, he tried to make them question their sense of loyalty too. Basically, he was trying to state that under Caesar’s rule they would all not be following in the right Roman footsteps that were set long ago. Also, leading towards the idea of Caesar being an tyrant. Antony’s use of rhetorical question persuades the plebeians to answer back and to take action. When Antony said,”Here was a Caesar! When comes such another?” (3.2.252). This shows Antony loyalty to his friend and that he will be loyal to them. Furthermore, this shows that Antony believes that Caesar is irreplaceable due to all the things he left for Rome and the people of Rome. Brutus just took the plebeians silence as them understanding what he was actually asking with no information to back up his question. Antony actually took the time to pause after asking the question and showed how hurt he is from Caesar’s death.

In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, a good friend of Caesar named Brutus took Caesar’s life for the good of Rome. Mostly, the strongest difference between Brutus and Antony is both of their inability to be both honorable and persuasive.Brutus’s loyalty to being honorable played a major role in his character. Unfortunately, Antony was the excellent persuasive speaker and more of a faithful friend to Caesar and his views. Brutus’s speech was on the side of the plebeians logic which didn’t really grab their attention for long because they were easily persuade by Antony. Antony’s use of pathos was his biggest advantage that won over the plebeians, Brutus use of pathos was not as effective as Antony’s. In all, Antony was more effective with his outstanding use of pathos, logos, and rhetorical questions.


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