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Maersk Case

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difficulties. Reaching into this 4 platforms Maersk covered employees and potential employees generating pride for the brand, shipping enthusiasts by allowing them to participate spotting containers, customers by informing them of new services and real time updates and shipping experts that with their interactions in Linkedin and Google+ opened up possibilities for better services.


Maersk should focus on LinkedIn and Twitter while not losing their base on Facebook and Instagram. In LinkedIn and Twitter, Maersk finds a more desirable customer with more chances to need a direct service from their company. By shifting the campaign to a direct B2B model and fomenting the discussion going in LinkedIn is a great gateway to understand the difficulties that customers go through and better the services and in Twitter by giving a window to showcase industry experts and industry news to promote and inform in operations that Maersk carries worldwide.

To be able to quantify and give value to data from Social Media platforms Maersk would need to establish their social media goals linked to sales, that is why I recommend focusing in social platforms where the majority of the following are customers. A practical approach would be to integrate the social media marketing plan to the CRM from Sales department, this leads to identify specific customers and understand the services that they already contract. And after knowing how much of new services are being learned from Social Media and later on contracted this data becomes an easy formula to calculate the ROI and overall success of the campaign.


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