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Reflect on the Content Covered in the Ict & Study Skills Module and How It Will Be Useful in Your Future Studies and Beyond

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Thirdly, according to Thomas Harboe &Rikke von Müllen, planning is the key to success in our study. A good plan would be established to help students get better overview of your tasks and you can prepare for everything (Thomas Harboe &Rikke von Müllen, 2007). In any presentations or yet, humans also need compelling evidence and a clear reason. Planning work can help them reorganize ideas and their evidence. This will help your discussion you get the best evidence and tighter so that their arguments would be more persuasive. Moreover, if you plan before writing, you can see almost all the points from which could see their connection with each other. The link points together will help your idea closely and more convincing. A good plan can give you the amount of work you have to accomplish and how to allocate a reasonable time to complete the job a best way. In addition, it also helps you to analyze the problems of topic leads to find keywords to help job easier. If you can use mature planning skills, it will help a lot of contacts in the writing skills. It will teach students how to use academic voice when students write an assignment, they should use the 3rd person, clear ideas, using passive structures. Students will learn about the structure of a piece and how to arrange them so that reasonable to attract readers, up convincing. Moreover, writing skills also show students how to balance the paragraphs of text, helps balance all over. Planning and writing are two skills that whatever you do, at any age to use so absorb how to use these skills are necessary.

Finally, two common skills that everyone needs to apply flat work is presentation and teamwork. A good presentation always has good power point and presentation skills. ICT and study skills courses will educate student how to implement good presentation and gain efficiency. Students will learn the skills to be a good presentation, such as eye contact, body language, speed of talking. The completion of the presentation skills that will help students become more confident when speaking, fluency than bringing greater efficiency at work. Presentation skills are becoming essential for your future work. For example, when you go to the interview in a certain company, you need to show them their own capacity. Other skills are teamwork. It will show you how to coordinate well with different people with different ages, different personalities and different circumstances. Teamwork will help you achieve higher work efficiency due to the different points of view from the partner. In addition, teamwork also helps you learn to listen, compromise, collaboration, presentation, and communication with team members. Moreover, you will know more knowledge than from their partner and how to deal with situations when communicating with people. This course will train students the basic steps to master presentation skills and teamwork. When students have job, student will often use two skills to achieve better efficiency by the benefits that it brings.

In conclusion, ICT and study skills have the good value to students’ success. They will not only help us beyond our education into new context but also develop our own personal approach to study and learning in a way that meets our own individual needs. They are an important set of transferable life. Once mastered, study skills will be beneficial throughout our life. For those reasons, I highly recommend that students should apply study skills to become successful students.


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