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Leading, Human Resources, Teamwork and Organization

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Leading, Human Resources, Teamwork and Organization.

We are going to apply leading in our company. It is a Coffee Shop & Library; it is called Cafebreria.

Leading is another of the basic function within the management process.

Our managers are be able to make employees want to participate in achieving an organization's goals. Cafebreria use three components make up the leading function:

* Motivating employees

* Influencing employees

* Forming effective groups.

The leading process helps the organization move toward goal attainment.

In our company we learned successful leaders and inspiring communicators do not talk about the product as much as they paint a picture of what the product stands for. Cafebreria doesn’t sell coffee. It sells human connection. This makes a big difference in how we articulate the vision behind the brand.

The employees of Cafebreria are the ones who are making the experience truly great for the base consumers at their stores. By aiming to ensure a healthy and productive work environment, the company can achieve a higher level of employee satisfaction that will raise the Cafebreria reputation.

Starbucks Research and Development team should emphasize on furthering its product development. Product differentiation has proven an excellent defense to threats such as bargaining power of buyers and will further help in resolving the issue.

Developing and introducing new products will also compensate potential risks for the company. We are not only sale coffee, we look for a bigger goal, and in Cafebreria anyone can join us and have a good time with your friends our family.

In here we offered coffee, books, a place to hang out to stay as long as you want, we have a large living room of 2 floor in and outside we have in every personal space a charger for your phone, your computer or whatever you need. You are totally free to smoke (only outside) or not and choose the book you must like and if you have a playlist why not? It could be played in your floor or both.

There is a blackboard that covers all the wall and you are free to write a quote, draw or anything you thing will beneficiate the others when they see it.

For example, if the prices of coffee beans were to rise significantly, Cafebreria will then be able to use the sales from a diverse array of products to soften the blow of reduced coffee sales.

The Cafebreria research and Development should lay emphasis on its product development and it should be often synonymous with the company's growth, and the company's growth should continue to be a major corporate strategy of the Cafebreria Cooperation as a whole.



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