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A Software Requirements Specification

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Known Bugs

- In the application database, table Flights, there is a field name Seats_Available. Usually the value is set to 250. I was trying to test if the reservations are limited and calculated. I ordered 400 tickets ( 40 iterations 10 tickets per-iteration ) and not get any error message.


Operating Environment

Windows operating system

Desktop Application


Assumptions and Dependencies

- You might need MS-Access to modify and view the flight application database.



This part of the requirements document serves to present the "big picture" of the application. Here you lay out the objectives of the application.





The Login dialog, logs to the Flight Reservation application. A shortcut to the application demo can be found in

Start → Sample Applications → Flight.

The user must provide an Agent Name that must be at least 4 characters long and the Default Password is always "Mercury". Clicking the OK button will access the application if requested information is correct.

There should be option to register as a new Agent Name.

There should be a Forgot Password button and a forgot User Name button

The Login page should contain the Mercury tours Icon


Functional Requirements



Req0001a - User activates the Flight Application executable file from installation directory plus "\samples\flight\app\flightxx.exe"

Req0001b - immediately afterwards the Dialog "Login" should be displayed.



User press OK without entering any information.

Req0003a – Popup dialog is displayed.

Req0003b – Popup title "Flight Reservations"

Req0003c – message type: Exclamation

Req0003d – message text "please enter agent name"



The agent name must be at least 4 characters long.

Req0004a - Popup dialog displayed: True.

Req0004b – Popup title: "Flight Reservations"

Req0004c – message type: Exclamation

Req0004d – message text "Agent name must be at least 4 characters long."



The password must be at least 4 characters long.

Req0005a - Popup dialog is displayed.

Req0005b – Popup title "Flight Reservations"

Req0005c – message type: Exclamation.

Req0005d – message text: "Password must be at least 4 characters long"



The field “Password” should not be empty.

Req0006a - Popup dialog is displayed.

Req0006b – Popup title "Flight Reservations"

Req0006c – message type: Critical

Req0006d – message text "Please enter password"



Wrong “Password” field will trigger a critical popup message

Req0006a – Popup dialog is displayed.

Req0006b – Popup title "Flight Reservations"

Req0006c – message type: Critical

Req0006d – message text: "Incorrect password. Please try again"



Pressing "Cancel" at any time should close the "Login" dialog after prompting for an confirmation message



After 3 bad attempts to login (bad password) the application will trigger an information message and get closed.

Req0009a – Popup dialog is displayed.

Req0009b – Popup title "Flight Reservations"

Req0009c – message type: Exclamation

Req0009d – message text: "Login unsuccessful. Please try again later."

Req0009e – Application is closed.


Flight Reservation



By inserting a valid and future date, and selecting a base and destination city, the user can choose a flight; order 1 to 20 tickets on 3 different classes. A client can receive a fax confirmation.


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