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Software Requirements Specifications for Waste Wars

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Overall Description


Product perspective

The game application is planned to be put into market like Google Play where anyone can download and play the game. In this way the purpose of the project can be easily spread around the world.


Product functions

The game application's functions are the following:

- The game can let the user choose between two game modes.

- The game allows the user to buy power-ups that can enhance their game play.

- The game shows rankings and determine best players.

- The game offers user-friendly game interface that can be learned and understood easily.


User characteristics

Users - To learn the game, the team of developers prepared instructions to help the users understand on how to play the game, especially to those who are new to it. Each game mode, there is a different instruction showing the mechanics of every game mode.

2.4. Constraints

End-user environment

The users must have an internet connection to download the said game application. Users must also have a smart phone of course that can support android games.

Availability or volatility of resources

The good thing about this game application is, it doesn't need internet in order for you to play it. You just need to use internet to download it and after that you can play it whenever and wherever you want even with no internet. The game is an offline game and ready to play.

Security requirements (or other such regulations)

Since it is an offline game and ready to play, there is no problem in having an account to play it.

Now, it's up to the user on how to keep the application installed in their mobile devices once it I s installed in their phones.


Assumptions and dependencies

The game application will be accessed and installed in the Google Play, and once it is installed, the game can be accessed in the mobile device of the user.

The game application is dependent on the mobile device of the user, it should support android games.

The security of the game application must rely on the user's capability of securing the game and making sure that the game is still installed in the user's mobile device.



Specific Requirements


External interface requirements

3.1.1. User interfaces

Table 1.3

[pic 1][pic 2]

[pic 3][pic 4]

[pic 5][pic 6]

[pic 8][pic 7]

[pic 9][pic 10]

[pic 11][pic 12]

[pic 13]

[pic 14]

3.1.2. Hardware interfaces

This project is a mobile application and it will be available in Google Play and AppStore.

3.1.4. Communications interfaces

Data will be submitted via Wireless connection.


Functional requirements

3.2.1. Use case 1

Main Menu Use Case Diagram

[pic 15][pic 16] Use case 2

Normal Mode Use Case

[pic 17]

[pic 18] Use case 3

Timer Mode Use Case[pic 19]

[pic 20] Use case 4

View Ranking Use Case[pic 21]

[pic 22] Use case 5

Shop Use Case[pic 23][pic 24]


Performance Requirements

The game application needs a good internet connection when installing the game from the Google Play and it also needs a mobile device, specifically smart phones, to support features of the game.

3.4. Design constraints

When the game is uninstalled by the user, the levels that the user accomplished will be lost and the user will have to go back from scratch when the user install the game again. The rankings will also reset and also all game data will be erased and deleted from the phone when uninstall.

3.5. Software system attributes

The game application will be user-friendly especially because it is intended to teach young kids how to segregate waste. Instructions are given to show the users on how to play the game and give them pointers on how to do proper waste management.

The game will only need internet connection for installing the application and then after the game is installed, no internet connection is needed and the game is ready to play.

3.6. Other requirements



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