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Dsm - Stamypor Case

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of a product or process in order to pre-empt any competition at the time of market entry. In this case, it seems more of a reactive approach and competitors are being gradually “discovered”. For Stamypor, improved methods of cost reduction and a manufacturing system that will give the product a consistent porosity level are the main requirements that need to be met for this project to continue to the next stage. The timeline of the project itself made the production technology become outdated with respect to market and such capability problems led an outsourcing decision made primarily on the basis of “attractive fees” and not on the basis of the manufacturer’s capabilities or in-depth understanding of processes. In sum, there seems to be a clear inability to plan well and foresee the cascading effects of any decision.

Final Recommendations/ Implementation:

The termination of a project can be hard to implement as certain dependencies might have been created with multiple stakeholders involved in the process. The entire team and not just one person, unless he/she is the leader, should take responsibility. Sample steps to follow: get buy in from stakeholders for termination, see if any processes can be used later as best practices, emphasize business need to move on to other projects, review and learn from mistakes to improve execution of future projects. Consider Need, Approach, Benefit, Competition (NABC) analysis of any new project idea being considered. This will introduce specific questions that have to be answered beforehand, thus eliminating weak ideas.


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