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Case Study: Red Ball Express

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There many benefits that a well implemented GPS systems can provide Red Ball Express. GPS systems assist in decreasing overall cost on fuel consumption, mismanagement (unauthorized) of vehicle usage, and minimizes overtime. Like RFID, GPS can monitor the use of transportation fleets in “real time” and assist in route planning for optimal scheduling. By effective monitoring, employee productivity will increase and inaccuracies with transport will decrease. GPS systems also provide safety for items and employees in transit and security for stolen vehicles. With these benefits, Red Ball Express will be able to save in the coming quarters and be a viable competitor for Roadway Carriers.

2. One additional system that I have read about that is in the final stages of development is the Intelligent Transportation System by United States Department of Transportation, “The system improves transportation safety and mobility and enhances American productivity through the integration of advanced communications technologies into the transportation infrastructure and in vehicles” (USDOT, 2015). The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) has all the features of RFID and GPS systems and a few that those do not incorporate. ITS will enable data capture management that assess what traffic, transit and freight data from different sources, and consider how best to the information from vehicles acting as analyses in the system. Another feature is the dynamic mobility application which will assist in choosing the proper mode of transport and fastest route for people and goods. An important feature is the applications for the environment real-time information synthesis or “AERIS”. This feature analyzes emissions and the impact vehicles have on the environment. The data should help managers to monitor transport and decrease over usage of vehicle productivity that negatively impacts the environment.

Red Ball Express should be able to succeed with either RFID or GPS as they will bolster communication, productivity, and speed. The new technology provides effective tracking of multiple items and transportation with accuracy. All these improvements will provide better transportation management and reduce overall cost to the company.


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