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Instructional Technology Practicum Action Plan Form Ella Mathis

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- Project Goal:(1 point)

Ethnicity Multiplicity.

Objectives: To intensify and strengthen a comprehension of diverse ethnicity.

To travel around the world using Google Earth. Recognize and comprehend how many people live on the earth? Use facts and data about time zones to identify time differences among regions of the world; have a greater understanding of time zones.

- Resources needed/available:(1 point)

Files available PDF files and documents

Create an Ancestors and descendants family tree and use of great printed questions laptop, projector, access to Google Earth and Brain Pop. Create Imaginary tale and Fantasy story characters on your imaginary journey around the world.

- Timeline:(2 points)

5 days

- Evaluation methods:(2 points)

A printed suggestion and contemplation would be submitted to the teacher inclusive of what the students have gain knowledge of about mutually their culture and that of their peers. Learners will also recall some key particulars.

I will do observation/ participation.

- Professional standards addressed:(2 points)

Finding out the meaning of vocabulary expressions and idiom as they are exploited in wording, content, together with word list detailed to areas linked to history/social studies

- Project/activity summary: (2 points)

Students could display their path of migration (both within the U.S. and/or the world). This lesson gives students the opportunity to share information about their culture history of population growth, too, explaining why it began to explode several hundred years ago. And they’ll get the scoop on how technologies like medicine and sanitation got us to this point!

This lesson will also explore the time zones around the world with the use of various software including; Smart Ideas, Google Earth and Provided internet resources. I will know that my project is a success by student’sresponse which should awaken their anticipation, which is a key to learning. Learning new things about their family home and culture give students new appreciation for learning as it entices their curiosity.


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