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Impact of Social Media on Adult

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Also social crimes have increased at high rate due to social media. Crimes such as robbery,

kidnapping, terrorism, rape cases, violence, murder and cyber-crimes have advanced at high

rate. Research have shown that most kidnapper gets vital information about their target on

social media, they threaten the victim using social media devices. They also blackmail their

victim using social media. At police stations they are many cases of kidnapped children

lured by kidnappers using social media. Those who engages in sexual harassments research

have shown most of them are addicts of pornographic materials, some come from watching

pornographic movies or images. Some bloggers are using social network to encourage

violence among the youth, they incites youth to join violent groups such national resistance

movement, they promises jobless youth employment if they join the movement.

Lastly many companies have lost billions of resources because many youths who are

educated but jobless shares information with their colleague on how to robe banks and

major companies. Others have hacked big companies and got away with ramp some money

by help of information technology


Technology development and innovation has led to development of social media. It is

evidently that social network if used effectively can bring high developments in field such as

business sectors as it enhances online marketing. But if misused demerits are many such as

abuse of human privacy due to expose of nude photos and pictures. Therefore users should

use social network for constructive knowledge which will hasten and improve their ways of

living. Adults should plan on how minimize their time on social media and have enough time

to strengthen bounds with their family members.

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