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Amazon, Ebay and Google Case Study

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2. What business factors are causing Google to move slowly in opening up its databases? Do you agree with its go-slow strategy? Why or why not?

Google also venture into a strategy that is the same with Amazon and eBay. They open up their databases to a wider number of public and even cater to a greater number of users. Their search engines is big help to different clients and customers. By expanding the limit of search results they gain more popularity and clients often prefer them as their search engines. Because of the limiting factor of the contributors to the site on the data they wish to share, it slows down Google’s strategy. Contributors limit they information in the site and it must require payment and purchase to be able to access the whole information.

3. Should other companies follow Amazon and eBay’s lead and open up some of their databases to developers and others? Depend your position with an example of the risks and benefits to an actual company.

The strategy of Amazon and eBay in opening its databases to be accessed by a greater number of developers and clients is a good example of a certain strategy that could help company widens it market and profit. The case stated that as a result of the strategy, the companies minimizes it cost and process and increased its profit. The advantage to it is that, when a company opens its doors to developers and retailers, they let these persons do their job. They just serve as a middlemen to this sellers to sell their products to the market. The only risk that can be seen here is the risk having sellers or buyers that could create a bad reputation to the company.


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