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Terrorism Case Study

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Main Statistics:

According to estimates of CVR the number of deaths during the conflict is around 70000 people among military personnel. Civil and subversive, in addition the missing people reaches almost 16000 people and caused the displacement of thousands of families to the capital. This caused that in Lima the unemployment and the exploitation of workers reach historical rates.

The population that was forced to move through the process of violence at present is predominantly adult 67% (37 to 64 years of age) and population from 23 to 36 years of age in a

21.6% between men and women;

Another consequence of the conflict was the emigration of 2.4 million Peruvians due to economic, demographic and social causes. The countries that received more Peruvians were United States 31.5%; Spain 16.0%; Argentina 14.3%; Italy 10.1%; Chile 8.8%; Japan 4.1%; And Venezuela 3.8%.

Also noteworthy that 75% of Peruvian emigrants were between 19 and 49 years old, with a slight majority of women.

In economic terms terrorism cost Peru more than $ 42 billion according to the economist Jorge Chávez, who held the reins of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) in the early 1990s

He said than The CVR report notes various types of damages. The main one was the murder of thousands of heads of household because 73% of the victims were the livelihood of their family.

Paradoxes and challenges

The main challenge for Peruvians is to prevent the internal armed conflict from returning and for that the government should set ambitious goals such as reducing poverty and eliminating extreme poverty, teaching schools how terrorism was, Parties of Marxist thought enter into politics, generate more employment and economic growth, help the mypes by reducing their taxes, reduce informality and many other tasks that the government has to carry out

Curiously the terrorism ended less than 20 years ago and it seems that the Peruvians are forgetting or do not know what it is since they are beginning to arise parties that are the political arm of Sendero Luminoso as is the case of Movadef, in addition to some Terrorists are re-infiltrating former terrorist bases such as the CGTP and the UNMSM.

In the last elections, the candidate for the presidency Veronica Mendoza was third with almost 18% of voting, but what is surprising is that the majority of the congressmen of his party still follow with the thought Gonzalo. In addition there are photos where Veronica Mendoza appears in a conference with the sickle and the hammer; Even so the elector votes for it mainly the southern highlands which was the bastion of terrorism at that time

Lately they are


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