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Sociology Research Paper: Teen Pregnancy

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in turn decreases the pregnancy rate.

The media itself plays a huge role in the way younger girls view teenage pregnancy. Displaying shows such as Sixteen and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and The Secret Life of an American Teenager are good in showing the struggles of being pregnant, but they also glorify the idea of having a child at such a young age. In these particular shows, you never see the hardships of having a child. The media only wants to show the personal or social struggles that a teen goes through after having a baby. By glorifying teen pregnancy teens begin to believe it is cool to have children at a young age and it is one of the contributions to the high pregnancy rate. The media needs to show how hard it is on a teens life when they have a child and show how it impacts them financially because children are expensive! Showing more of the hardships that come with pregnancy will impact a girl’s desire to have children at a young age and possibly keep them from having sex at all.

The pregnancy rate is a real problem, it has a direct impact on so many lives. I believe my 3 step plan can greatly reduce the pregnancy rate amongst teens in the U. S. By providing contraception while teaching about the dangers of sex teens will realize that sex isn’t something that you do for fun without consequences and hopefully we can deter them from deciding to partake in sexual activity until they mature more.


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