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Sociology Paper

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In the course of my last day in daycare, I noticed a difference between the daycare today and the daycare that I went through when I was a little boy. Technology have made a big impact on every little kid inside the daycare especially my nephew. Some teachers and parents believe that children who become computer experienced early on are better prepared for school while others say too much technology is bad at such a tender age. I noticed when I would spend time with my nephew, he enjoys playing with his I pad than being outside physically playing. I believe Physical play is a key to toddler growth- it helps build strong muscles and it’s a primary way little kids discover what their bodies can do. I would often tell my brother to spend time with his child by limiting screen time and start with plenty of physical activity, for example; digging holes, sliding down slides, playing tag, and turning it into an everyday schedule. This is an example showing family involvement because the family understand by spending time with their son, it can benefit a child behavior positively, are more likely to go on to a higher education, and more achievement oriented.

In conclusion, I had observed my nephew, Aaron Leonardo Beniga, who is 5 years old attending an afterschool daycare program in Monterey Highlands Elementary School. The educational topics that I mainly focused and deeply analyzed during my visit are the behavior among peers, media, gender role, and mannerism. I have learn as children grow older they go through a process called child development. A child’s early years are critically important for they provide the foundation for the rest of their life and constructing themselves as adults. I believe they are our future and children who are properly nurtured can live on creating a better society for generation to come.


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