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Phc 212 - Concept of Health Education and Promotion

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First meeting:

- Provide information about Childhood Obesity: definition, causes, risks and complications, treatment and prevention goals.

- Encourage parents to model a healthy lifestyle.

- Provide training on how to help parents make lifestyle changes such as having a positive home-prepared mealtime and teach them about smart, healthy grocery shopping and educate parents on not using food as reward for good behavior.

Second meeting:

- Ensure portion sizes are appropriate for age.

- Reduce the consumption of junk food and sugary beverages and replace it with healthy food fruit, vegetables and water.

- Encourage active play and provide time to rest and sleep.

- Describe the correct way of use the scale.

Third meeting:

- Create safe space at home to play and preform active activities.

- Engage in extracurricular activities and provide fun opportunities.

- Reduce sedentary behavior and screen time as much as possible.

3- Implementation phase:

- The program was implemented over a period of 1 month; it was conducted in 3 meetings.

- Each meeting took around 40 minutes to 45 minutes.

- Teaching methods used to implement the program were through small group discussions (2 to 3 families), brainstorming and evidence based demos. Teaching aids were used such as booklets, posters and power point presentation and educational videos, scale.

4- Evaluation phase:

The program results were assessed through post-test. The test was first distributed in the families before the first session, then distributed on them again after the last session.

Session no. (1)




Evaluation methods

-Avoiding/treating obesity especially childhood obesity.

-Getting families to choose a healthy life style for their children.

-Specifying how to obtain the goal of avoiding obesity Explanation of healthy life style.

-Show benefit of a healthy life style.

-Explain ways to live a healthy life style.

Booklet and poster

Feedback and ask questions

-Define Obesity

-List causes and symptoms of childhood obesity.

-List complication and health risks associated with obesity.

-Definition of Obesity.

-Causes of Obesity.

-Symptoms of Obesity.

-Health risks associated with obesity.

Booklet and poster

Question and answers


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