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Locus of Control and Ipc

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Some critiques of Locus of control is that the scales that are used to measure the variable do not seem to be unidimensional as the theory suggests, while the constructs high correlation with some other traits raise suspicions on its authenticity. Also supporting experimental or longitudinal data is almost absent and alternative theories hypothesize a casual direction that is the opposite of the one the theory defends. Some good qualities of locus of control is established to predict a considerable amount of workplace behavior, such as work performance, job satisfaction and turnover intention.

Score implications:

For locus of control I scored high on internal locus of control and for IPC scale I scored low on powerful others and low on chance. All of these scores match my view on my personality especially internal locus of control. Ive also always hated when people complain about school, jobs that I know they are not trying in because then there is no way they can see their potential. I have always believed in taking responsibility on mistakes I have made and not blaming it on other people. I also have always put a lot of effort in tasks. In school I always make sure to enroll in more challenging classes that I am forced to more effort into. I am also not surprised I scored low on powerful others because although powerful people in the government can control people to a degree, I really believe you have control in your attitude and overall outcome in life.


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