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Chicano Movement

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the Montgomery, Alabama, law providing for segregation on city buses.” Many Chicanos influenced by the movement portrayed art. Farm workers, also part of the the Chicano Movement, which responded energetically. The movement brought two symbols that became the center to Chicano visual artist. The “Virgin of Guadalupe and the red, black, and white thunderbird flag appeared in virtually every procession and demonstration.”(Shifra M. Goldman and Tomas Ybarra- Frausto).This began the familiarizing Chicano artist with Mexican social protest art, as well as murals being painting to knowledge people of the struggles being faced. By 1975 the Chicano political movement began to change, producing alliances among urban workers and farm workers. Giving a more of a opportunity to Chicano artist and Chicana artist.

“El Mundo Femenino: Chicana Artist of the Movement- A commentary on Development and Production” Chicanos find themeless because of the movement. Chicanos focused on themselves and their art giving them a Narrative category of art. Storytelling being their biggest form of art, bringing families, and daily events. All in which this was found within a Chicana

artist. These artist move freely within broad intentions, breaking those categories that only men are able to do. These artist continually work their art within narrative giving them a themes, images, and contradictory roles.

These readings showed the Chicano Movement, and the history that came with Chicanos. Chicano and Chicana artist did make a huge impact within the movement by showing their history in the painting, murals, and images. Through the many art forms, Chicanos have been able to capture their people’s history and visually represent their peoples struggles for better futures.


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