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Alex Katz - Figure Painter of the New Realism Movement in Contemporary Art

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My piece is a painting of a tanned woman in a sun hat and a blue shirt with a yellow a backdrop. I tried to use bold colors like Katz did on his and have bold lines. I was aiming for a large scale, bright lines, and a flat surface. The painting is more about fashion. The medium is used is water color. The texture is supposed to be smooth. The colors are both primary and secondary.

The word design indicates both the process of organizing visual elements and the product of that process (Patrick Frank, pg.68). In my paiting, I tried to emphasize the lines. I also tried to make it a dramatic effect using contrasting colors. I used them to express the content and emphasize the way Alex Katz painted Ada with a Black Scarf. Contrast is the juxtaposition of strongly dissimilar elements. Dramatic effects can be produced when dark is set against light, large against small, bright colors against dull ( Patrick Frank, pg. 78)

If I had not gone to the museum, I probably would not have chosen the piece by Alex Katz. If I had just saw it online, it would not appeal me to the same way it did, looking at the real work in person. If Ii saw it in a book or on screen, it would have just looked like a typical self portrait. Seeing it person was better, especially because it took up most space on the wall. It is self portrait and the fact that it was just mostly of the face was amusing. It shows how much depth can be put in to small part of your body but look complex.

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