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Case Study of Rajan the Driver

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We assume that both Mr. Rajan and Mr. Somaraju had wrong perception of each other.

It can be possible that Mr. Somaraju was not in drunken state and Mr. Rajan was taking back the children in the minibus.

Alternate solutions:

1. To take strong action against Mr. Somaraju if Rajan is able to prove his allegation.

2. To take strong action against Rajan if he is proven guilty of abusing a senior security officer.

3. Management should setup a meeting between Rajan and Somaraju.

Evaluation of Alternative Solutions:

1. Rajan should be given a chance to prove his stand against Somaraju and if he is able to prove his evidence, strong action should be taken against Somaraju and he should be demoted and transfer order against Rajan should be taken back.

2. Somaraju’s viewpoint should be considered and if Rajan is proven guilty of abusive behavior, he should be suspended from his job for some working days considering his good past record and to check any further threat from union’s side.

3. Mangement should setup a face to face meeting with Rajan ,Somaraju and Personnel Manager as a mediator and situation should be explained from a vantage point.

Preferred Alternative with Rationale:

Preferred alternative should be setting up a meeting between concerned parties and management as a mediator. As this solution will prevent the organization from taking decisions inclined towards either side and it will check the dominance of union in managerial decisions and will also make sure that proper hierarchy is followed within the company as this issue was taken directly to General Manager rather than resolving it at lower level.

Other solutions are not taken into consideration as we assumed that it could be a case that both Rajan and Mr. Somaraju had a wrong perception for each other and both may be correct from their point of view and it may create further conflict if decision is taken in favor of one side.

Predicted Outcome:

Smooth functioning and employees would follow the work ethics and rules setup by the organization.

Plan for Implementation:

The personnel manager should take the initiative and should make sure that both Rajan and Somraju come on common ground and solve their personal issues by arranging a face to face meeting with him as a mediator.

Contingency Plan:

To take strong action against Mr. Somaraju and he should be fired from organization and Rajan should be given his position back as it will align with union’s demand and will be in benefit of organization to be in favor of union rather than an individual.


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