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Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Organization / Industrial Psychology Approach

The Organizational/ Industrial Psychology recruitment technique is characterized by several ethical and legal concerns that include unsuitable employees and high probability of discrimination. First, it is hard to measure certain human traits such as interpersonal skills using this method. A candidate might be excellent in paperwork and other academic qualification but have poor interpersonal skills. According to Kazi et al., (2013), good employees are those that can relate well to their colleagues and are willing to negotiate in the wake of challenges. Unfortunately, organizational psychometric tests cannot guarantee you an individual of such standards as people might pretend during online selection processes. On the same, the process can fool employers who might not identify the interpersonal capability in an individual, but are carried away by their education prowess. In most cases, candidates who lack this trait are good for the productivity of the company but not in situations where teamwork is necessary.

Secondly, the O/I recruitment process can be unfair in the sense that there are high chances of gender and physical discrimination in the hiring process. The online recruitment process can be a good discriminatory platform where only a particular gender or ethnic group is recruited by an entity. For instance, if only male candidates who have applied for the position meet the set targets, the company might find it hard to have a gender-balanced workforce. In some instance, a particular ethnic group might have an advantage in their education qualification, thus, having more chances of getting the position. Such ethical concerns lead to legal questions about a company that adopts this method of recruitment. For example according to the American civil rights acts, it is wrong to discriminate against a minority group by denying them employment opportunities. In this respect, most companies adopting the O/I recruitment technique risk violating the constitutional right. Similarly, the chances of bypassing a qualified, but handicapped candidate are high in this scenario. Therefore, unless organizations set sound measures to protect their systems from ethical and legal mishaps, the hiring process can be unjustified.


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