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A Mun Resolution on Eu Migrant Crisis

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by 27% in one and a half year and cost the local economy $2.6 billion between 2012 and 2014.

• Countries such as Macedonia and Hungary have closed their borders and used military force to maintain order and control the influx of people due to their violent reaction at the border.

3. Calls upon an “emergency brake” on immigration based benefits for at least four years to reduce the strain on a country’s economy;

• United Kingdom’s Prime minister, David Cameron, is open to new ideas aimed at cutting immigration “pull factors". This proposal will target the unemployed economic migrants/EU migrant workers in the UK and British expatriates, thus giving more chance to Britons to get employed.

• The benefits would help reduce the hate against immigrants as it would give both immigrants and natives equal job opportunities.

4. Encourages revising of asylum policy and to do a thorough background check on the immigrant, whether they are refugees seeking asylum or economic migrants using asylum seeker status as a cover;

• Since 60% of emigrants are actually economic migrants, the background check would allow government authorities to filter out the refugees and provide asylum to them and ease the burden on resources.

• The implementation of the Dublin Agreement should come within the policy as it would prevent rejected asylum seekers to re-apply in other countries and ease the burden all over Europe.

5. Reminds the UN countries that the real threat lies in the Middle East with ISIS. And recommends military action against terrorists in the middle east;

• Coalition army that seeks to eliminate terrorist’s threats and re-establish peace.

• Joint forces primary objective to assist refugees to leave the war zones and reach safer areas.

• Help in rebuilding efforts once war is over. Rehabilitate the economy and infrastructure to allow citizens to resettle.

6. Endorses the idea of having stricter border controls with more security services present there;

• Refugees in protest of poor conditions and a slow registration process set tents on fire at a refugee camp at the border near Brezice. If no security measures are taken violent outbursts will keep going on.

• Stricter borders and security measures will prevent or weaken illegal traffickers and hence reduce the entry of illegal immigrants.

7. Further Requests all member nations to donate funds to the IMF and World Bank for assisting countries that have voluntarily taken in refugees;

• Countries such as Austria, Germany, Turkey and Greece who are handling the largest amounts of refugees are in dire need of funding to compensate for the lack of resources. Germany needs about 25,000 teachers to cope with the increased number of children and has asked retired police officers to re-join the police force to maintain order.

• “Financially broke” is how Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, described UN agencies in September 2015. The UN has received less than half the funding it needs to support Syria’s 4 million refugees. This is now forcing 80% of refugees living outside camps in Jordan to do dangerous, degrading jobs or send their children out to beg.

8. Further recommends member nations to create a joint military force to carry out surgical air strikes and to prevent collateral damage by evacuating citizens in war afflicted regions to more economically stable area.

• The quickest solution to the migrant crisis is to resolve the Syrian war and help to free the area under the ISIS. Thus, the creation of a joint armed force to first protect occupied areas and then slowly regain lost territory.

• The Syrian-Jordan Border holds a safe zone for war afflicted citizens and hence requires protection to prevent it to be overrun by the ISIS. It also serves as a refugee camp and will hence help ease the burden from European countries.


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