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Essay on Human

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her through her stay-at-home day. But he acts strangely, rarely verbally communicating, and sometimes hiding from his mother for apparent reason. Due to behavior like this his mother becomes estranged with her synthetic son, and has a very hard time feeling any sort of compassion for him. He might be a robot, but he thinks, and feels, perhaps not in the same way as a biological boy would, and despite all this, his mother almost despises his very existence. At the end of the story the mother finds her robot son’s collection of half finished letters to her. They all say that he lovers her, and even though none of them are finished, the genuality is apparent, showing us that a mechanical imitation of a person is more human than its human counterpart. So again I must ask, do we really know what it means to be human? Perhaps what we find human and what we find inhuman should be reversed, for I see little reason to continue to think humanity is as high and mighty as it thinks it is.

Now, despite the lack of faith presented here, there is still hope for our species’ humanity, but we are a long we off from realizing it. All of our inhumanity is a product of our fear, our insecurity, our lack of communication, and obviously we will gain our humanity when we rise above these things. The show Battlestar Galactica shows a perfect example of this through the use of its notorious antagonists: the Cylons. At the beginning of the show the Cylons were very much like the humans they despised, trying to, and almost succeeding in wiping out the entire galactic population of humanity. As the show progresses, however, their spirituality and mentality evolves, perhaps from the amount of time that has passed, perhaps from continually dying and being reborn, perhaps from meditation, perhaps from finding their holy places. Half of the Cylon population comes to a point where they live without anger, fear, or insecurity, and from a higher understanding of their origin, and similarities with the humans they once prosecuted they are able to live openly, and compassionately with the people around them, and those of the Cylons who were not able to reach that point were killed off because of their own stubborn rigidity. It’s a hard and sad truth, but it we do not do the same, we will be stuck in the stone age for the rest of humanity’s existence.


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