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The Montréal Fine Arts Museum

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Exhibit II

Summary of Proposal from WebStirs

Mr. Monet,

Thank you for your interest in WebStirs. Below you will find some detail about our company along with a description of the system that we believe will best meet your needs. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Marc Shmagall, President.


We have been in operation since 2005 and have successfully created and implemented a number of websites for some very satisfied customers. We have a dedicated team of 4 programmers with extensive background in IT. We specialize in creating websites for artists and art galleries and are confident that we will be able to create some exciting web pages that will effectively attract the public to the Museum.

MFAM Needs:

It is clear from our discussion that you would like to create a website that hosts high resolution photos of the permanent and non-permanent artwork being shown at the Museum. As mentioned, we have extensive experience in this area. Our team can take high resolution photos of all the artwork and present them on the website. We will ensure that the public is not able to download the photographs by setting appropriate restrictions on them. All photos taken will be property of WebStirs and cannot be used or altered without our consent.

Online Donations:

We can ensure that the website allows for people to record that they want to make donations. As we understand it, the Museum must issue a donation tax receipt for every donation greater than $10. So we propose to create a login form where people can enter their name and address and the amount of their expected donation. This form will be saved on the server only once the donor clicks on the “submit” button. Once the form is submitted the system will automatically generate a tax receipt which will be e-mailed directly to the donor. This step will save you the time and cost of mailing the tax receipts yourself by regular mail.

For energy and cost saving purposes, the server will shutdown every night at midnight and will restart at five in the morning. Every morning the system will automatically print out a list of donors from the previous day which you can use to then contact the donor and arrange for collection of the donation.

Creation & Implementation:

We will install one server and one desktop computer to host the website.

The process will be conducted in a number of steps:

1st taking photographs of the artwork (photo shoot),

2nd creating the website design,

3rd creating the online donations forms and functionality

and 4th installation of hardware and launching the website.

Step 1 is expected to take approximately three weeks to complete, step 2 will also take three weeks, step 3 will take one week and step 4 will be done in two days.


The costs structure is estimated to be as follows:

Photos of artwork pre-implementation

$150 / hour for photo session

Photos of artwork post-implementation

To be discussed

Website creation & design


Online donation forms


Hardware (includes server)




75% of the final price is to be paid upfront and the remaining portion is payable when Webstirs has determined that the system is fully functional and satisfactory.

There is a 2 year service and maintenance agreement included with this contract. During this period, the Website and all of its contents remain the property of WebStirs. You are not allowed to make changes to the website without Webstirs consent. Any changes to the website and updating of photos during this agreement period will be charged at $500/hour. Subsequent to the maintenance agreement the website property will transfer over to MFAM and WebStirs will have no further obligations. Any update or maintenance of system hardware is not included in the service agreement and will be solely MFAM’s responsibility.


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