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Al Queda

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Al Qaeda vs. Isis

Al Qaeda and its other arch enemy, the Islamic State, are at it’s again. Al Qaeda and Isis are competing for leadership over the jihadist movement. Jihadist means a Muslim who advocates jihad. Jihad means a war, which is what Isis and Al Qaeda wanted. In June 2014, the Islamic State causes commotion[6] in Al Qaeda’s territory (army). The leader of the Islamic State regretted Al Qaeda’s authority and declared a caliphate, splitting the two apart. Isis is the number of causes that are in the way that the war was caused by different things that make ways to everyone in the group. Osama bin Laden’s plan were to reorient the movement as a whole stopping Isis and the United States so that each country would be a part of Muslim religions. This cause the two to go to war many times even after Osama bin Laden passed away. Al Qaeda

[pic 4]

The chart above shows the major Al Qaeda and the linked attacks since 9/11 has happened. Also, you can see on the chart since 2002 there were two hundred-two people in the Nali Nightclub bombing. In 2005, the Madrid Train Bombing killed one hundred and one people. Also, in 2008 Mumbai Attack was caused the bombing and killed one hundred- four. Al Qaeda also has the most known violent act that have accused in the movement while they killed people. In 2009, Al Qaeda’s organization tried the bombing which took place in Detroit as the Xmas Day Underwear Bomb. In New York at a Subway near time square Al Qaeda tried to bomb the subway in 2010. Al Qaeda’s organization has killed thirty-six people in Moscow Domodedovo[7] since 2011. The chart shows the recklessness of Al Qaeda and his organization, they killed numerous of people without any sympathy[8]. The chart also shows the different countries that have been hit by Al Qaeda’s organization.

In conclusion while doing research on the Al Qaeda goals and its operations, I’ve learned that many innocent people were killed for no reason. Hatred played a big role in the plan while Osama bin Laden wanted everyone to convert to Islam. I was given this topic and was assigned to do a paper about it. I think it was difficult for me to talk about war the most part because I have little knowledge. If someone asked me what to write I would tell them to talk about the wars and how many people were killed during the time. This project showed me that an enemy does not have to know you that you have to be careful on how you pay attention to people’s behavior. Al Qaeda organization to me should never be let near America again. I feel that it’s always going to be a huge memory in history.



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