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Chinese Market

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As a buyer for 4 years, I had to brainstorm everyday, trying to cut prices of suppliers because the traditional retail industry in China was facing serious challenges: rising cost and price wars anywhere. One day, my boss held a meeting and said seriously, “I don’t need you guys if you only suggest repricing. I need you guys who can come up with a strategy that can not only attract customers but also can generate long-term profit in a healthy way.” I was overwhelmed by his words and reflected my work, finding the problem that I just tried hard to cut prices of supplier according to the requirement. Thinking it over, I realized I should change myself and learn strategic management knowledge for my short-term goal-be a manager product in a fashion retail company. In the long term, I wanted to establish a tailor-made platform for Chinese market.

After searching online, I really lose my heart to your Master of Professional Studies in Global Fashion Management. First, your MPS program’s focus on the fashion industry is unique among graduate business degrees in the U.S.A. that is suitable for me who wants to have a further exploration and development in fashion industry. Looking at your courses, I am really interested in Production Management and Supply Chain, Global Retail Management and Global Marketing and Fashion Brand Management. Through these courses, I will gain a broad understanding of finance, economics, management, marketing, and other related areas. Second, your seminars takes place in three cities: Paris, Hong Kong and New York that I will have a comprehensive view of the interrelationships among the various segments of international fashion businesses and the technology that drives them. With the program's focus on leadership, cross-cultural understanding, and the global marketplace, I can span my networks and prepare for my future entrepreneurship. Moreover, your special learning place determines the student body with different backgrounds. I think I will bring new element to your school. Because I have lived and worked in China for 27 years, I know the condition of Chinese fashion industry and can share my work experience with other students. I am eager to study in your school and believe you can make my dream com true.


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