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The Advancement of Humankind Through the Industrial Revolution

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Future Fellow). Climate change is the greatest threat to our society, but we all ignore it because we are so use to our way of life now that we do not want to go back to simpler times because we won’t know how to act without our technology. Technology is the best thing but is also the worst because it can limit our time on our planet that we love so much, and if we want to stay we have to start accepting that there is global warming happening and something serious has to happen to help out.

With the advances of the Industrial Revolution it necessitated drastic changes on the retail front, the Industrial Revolution increased in urbanization and that meant that the consumers were now bundled together in smaller geographic areas. This led to the emergence of the shops to serve the needs of the locals. This led to more production which brought down the prices of the products to make them more affordable because there was more of a need for the products that were being produced and creating more jobs for the society. Even when times were tough during the revolution it was necessary:

“The process of industrialization is necessarily painful. It must involve the erosion of traditional patterns of life. But it was carried through with exceptional violence in Britain. It was unrelieved by any sense of national participation in communal effort, such as is found in countries undergoing a national revolution. Its ideology was that of the masters alone. Its messianic prophet was Dr Andrew Ure, who saw the factory system as ‘the great minister of civilization to the terraqueous globe’, diffusing ‘the life-blood of science and religion to myriads… still lying “in the region and shadow of death”.’ But those who served it did not feel this to be so, any more than those ‘myriads’ who were served. The experience of immiseration came upon them in a hundred different forms; for the field labourer, the loss of his common rights and the vestiges of village democracy; for the artisan, the loss of his craftsman’s status; for the weaver, the loss of livelihood and of independence; for the child, the loss of work and play in the home; for many groups of workers whose real earnings improved, the loss of security, leisure and the deterioration of the urban environment.” (E.P Thompson Making of the English Working Class).

It is necessary for the Industrial Revolution even though it was painful and could be violent at times what came out of it was worth it all, by creating more jobs for everyone in society which then in turn started our working force today.

The Industrial Revolution was an important part in our history and the start of building what our society is today. With the invention of the assembly line creating mass production and more jobs then bringing the retail prices of the products down to make it more affordable. With a downfall of burning fossil fuels to run the machines that they invented, thus causing global warming and hurting us today in our society with the advancement of technology. Even with global warming today our society has come so far from the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was the kickstart to our society becoming what it is today with the advancements of machines, technology and much more. There is much more that our society can do to help advance the problem solving of global warming and with helping technology advance as well, but we need to accept that global warming is happening. “ We live in this era that has benefited from the Industrial Revolution, and we live with a kind of luxury and plenty that even all but the poorest of Americans live with a kind of sensuousness that was unimagined by medieval kings. But in order to get to this point, a lot of people had to suffer in really terrible ways.”(David Liss BrainyQuote). The Industrial Revolution was in the same words revolutionary in our time and creating today’s society.


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