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Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution


The industrial revolution was a period starting around 1750 when business started to industrialize or build and operate factories to produce goods

As they had more products and by consequence sell even more they had bigger profits and made de economy grow

because they where many unhappy workers who complained about the conditions they worked in

because as many people began to come to cities looking for job the cities needed to make more space for all the people so they urbanise the cities

because they where not used to have all that amount of people so the trash started to accumulate and make infection more usual they headed no cleaness

it led to higher wages, increased safety and regulated work hours

Industrialisation made a middle class emerge

woman started to work as maids, cookers, cleaners had greater access to education and for work

that rich people became even reacher and the people who worked in factories had a really hard work to do

because they go in look for new opportunities of job or escape from being forced to join the army

Because they where more people who worked so they will be able to produce more stuff and helped its economy

the nationalism made countries expand their territory and made countries like germany empire

by rebealting themselves and with the help people like simon boilvar and jose de san marin

they had to reconstruct the agriculture the industry and infrastructure

haiti was the first one and suriname the last one

because they counted with many resources such as weapons, trains they got technology

because they thought they where superior than them and think they are fool

because this will make them be peaceful

by changing everything and make things their own way

because they controlled commercial activity

because the indians deeply resented the british rule and they where treated in a really horrible way

by making easier to collect the resources


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