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Review of Philippines - Animation Made by Filipinos

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1.6 Significance of the Study

The study will focus on the use of Aeta music to determine whether Filipino ethnic music could be used as an inspiration for an animation and if it could help brand an animation as Filipino made. The results of this study is significant to the following:

The research is significant towards the study of the multimedia as this will promote the use of Filipino music in the animation industry. With this study, this could start animations employing different ethnic music in their animations. Filipino ethnic music is not limited to only Aeta music since the Philippines are filled with indigenous people who are able to produce their own sound. This will help animators produce an animation that will sound entirely different from other animated films.

The study could also be significant to the society because this could cause for the ethnic tribe to share their music to the world and make a living out of it. This will also preserve their knowledge in their tribe’s music and help build a library of their music.



Design Concepts

2.1 Review of Related Literature

2.1.1 Auditory perception and sound as event: Theorising sound imagery in psychology

Even though people today lean more on visual rather than sound, people should not take the effects of sound lightly. “There is no reason to believe, however, that sound perception is any less complicated than visual perception,..” (Forrester). This journal explains how sound could affect the way we think and the way we could react. Sound could either be appealing and comforting to hear or the things people would hear could be annoying and displeasing. The study shows that the brain registers the sound with something that it is its equal in the visual world.

“Some sounds appear to be intrinsically appealing and pleasurable, otherwise discomforting and annoying.” (Forrester). This study explains how sound could be used to stimulate the brain to think of something immediately. This suggests how powerful sound is that it could be used as a way of branding an animation. With this in mind, using a Filipino soundtrack would easily make any animation that uses the soundtrack think of the Philippines.

2.1.2 Soundtracks for Computer Animation: Sound Rendering in Dynamic Environments with Occlusions

“Sound is essential to enhance any visual experience, and should fit the visual information. Otherwise, the effect produced on the listener/viewer will be negative.” (Tsingos, Gascuel). Using music in animation these days have been high in demand as this helps the overall experience of an audience. This journal discusses how the sound could be only be successful if the sound used is fitting for the visual shown. Every sound that the audience hear in an animation could help create a dynamic environment.

With sound being essential to complete the whole feel of an animation, this study could help animators realize the necessity of using an all Filipino sound when creating a Filipino animation. Using Filipino ethnic music could help complete the feel of Filipino in the animation.

2.1.3 Subtle Idiosyncrasy: Sound and Music in the Australian animated short film The Lost Thing

The journal is all about the study of the short film of Tan and Ruhemann’s, The Lost Thing. This focuses on the sound and music element of the short film wherein the animation gives a lot of opportunity in using the sound and music composed for the film. “Animation often calls for much more music than live action, in order to provide continuity and flow..” (Coyle, Fitzgerald, Hayward, 2010). This statement from them tells that the use of sound and music does indeed make an animation successful.

“…working at the same time as animation and assembly gave the sound department collaborative input on the way some of the cuts were made to retain the musical and rhythmic integrity of the sound design.” (Kassab). The animated short film, The Lost Thing, has been recognized internationally. With this fact along with the comment from Kassab who made the film, the people could really see how much a collaborative effort between music and animation could help make an animation successful.

2.1.4 Philippine Ethnic Music

Filipinos always had a rich history in terms of music even before the times of the invasion of the westerners. Ethnic music continues to thrive within the tenth of the population of the country. With about 100 groups that still thrive in the country, the music that could be heard is diverse as they are spread out along the nation. These groups use an array of instruments to produce diverse sounds to be used in different forms of activities such as serenading.

“Among indigenous Filipinos, one important function of music is to celebrate or commemorate important events in the human life cycle.” (Hila, Antonio). The culture within these indigenous people are rich and full of stories that are waiting to be shared. The use of music in order to do these activities could easily help the cause of the researcher which is using their music in creating stories.

2.1.5 On the Sambal Ayta Concept of Beauty

“The concept of beauty has been an enigmatic and engrossing one for many.” (Malicsi, 1982). With so many ways of perceiving beauty, complications arise when it comes to the concept of it. Describing what beauty is has various meanings for each person. The Aeta groups are no different when it comes in their own definition of beauty, however, their explanation tends to be simpler than on how we define beauty. The Aeta people believe that beauty comes from the human body in its natural state with a touch of ornamentation.

The Aeta has their own standard of beauty that this will serve as the neutral ground between what is unpleasant and what is attractive. Their way of defining a person of their beauty is by how far their beauty is from the neutral ground. Their basic concept or their neutral ground is the unadorned human body (Malicsi). Having a healthy body or in the Aeta people’s case, having a clean body is big factor for their concept of beauty. This is somehow contradictory since their living habits are contradicting, however, they don’t find it as an excuse for being filthy. A person should also be able to show


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