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Atomic Bomb

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could’ve also died. Another article that shows people become evil shows in the article “Macbeth” by Shakespeare after Macbeth did his first kill he ordered murders to kill Banquo and tried to convince the to hate Banquo, “Both of you know Banquo was your enemy” (3.1.124-125) Macbeth did this because he was scared that after Duncan dies that Banquo will take the throne and Macbeth didn’t want that to happen so he killed Banquo so he couldn’t take the throne. After Macbeth killed Duncan he thought that killing was the solution for all his problems. Evil can change your way of thinking by torturing and hurting innocent people because you’re afraid of something so you try to get rid of them by murdering the person so they don’t live anymore. Another point that shows evil is in the article “Marie Delphine Lalaurie” Marie handcuffs her black Slaves in her mansion so they can’t run away from her and if they do try they will get punished and put to the uppermost room, where they would never come out ever again. A little black girl got punished that she jumped of a window and killed herself because she didn’t want to be tortured that the little girl rather give up her life then living with the women. Marie is evil because she did this to the black slaves for an pleasure, to be able to hurt a little girl is insane because children don’t know any better, they’re learn your their mistakes but they won’t learn if their being tortured all the time because it’s okay to make mistakes, because no one is perfect.

In conclusion I think that you become evil because your jealous or want to give revenge to someone who hurt you. No one was born with evil you become evil by things that happened to you that makes your brain think a whole new different way. Your evil by just killing someone who is innocent and people randomly don’t just kill people or hurt innocent people multiple times because that’s what I call evil. All three articles proof that people become evil because their jealous or because they want to give someone a revenge. Also all three articles also proved that all of their cases because they were jealous of someone or something or they wanted to give revenge because they were hurt and wanted to ruin the person’s life and didn’t care about the anymore. They all killed or torture people, because they were afraid of something or hated the people and wanted to get rid of them.


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